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Monday, December 10, 2007

hey guys, paiseh, this afternoon my comp got prob.

ok, chalet stuffs..

first thing..

venue: costa sands pasir ris block L unit 7
date: 12-14 dec (wed to fri) ps. wrote wrongly.
friday have to check out by 10am.
time: anytime on 12 dec.

(morning also can, midnight also can. lol. cos i'd be checking in on 11dec.)
bring money!
lol. if going one day bring about ten dollars.
two days about twenty.
( its for the bbq stuffs, going escape and other stuffs need bring extra money)

not necessary so ex lah. no worries.
just bring in case.
let me see who's confirmed going..
girls: joelyn, daryl, joyce, cy, bernice, van, liya, pearleen, xinan, me :)
boys: adrian, derek, bryant, tuck heng, youliang, yongjian

others maybe dont know abt it, so please inform them if you want them to come. ;D
thanks. see ya. (:


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