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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

hey guys!
yes. what you've heard is all true.
we're having a class chalet!
woohoo! ;DDD
its 12 to 14 dec. ( tue to thurs. thurs is check out by 10am )
same chalet as last year.
costa sands pasir ris.

but this year's chalet is better!
its much bigger!
and you dont have to climb up and down the stairs. xD
somemore, its facing the pool!
and the total cost is $50.
so if let's say.. 25 ppl going, it will be $2/person.
if you all want bbq will be different price.
if not, we can eat at downtown east or something.
so, please tell me whether you all want bbq on the tagboard.
thanks. ;D

p.s: can somebody go check in with me on 11dec?
evening time. and we can stay overnight there.
preferably girls. xD thanks.

<3, leling
your best organiser. ;D

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5:04 AM