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Friday, November 2, 2007


Confirmed gathering..

Actually.. i don't really give a damn which boy is coming..
So, girl Vs boys..

Girls JIAYOUS .. ( zhiling say boy will win =.=''')
It will be the total score of girls, and the total scores of boys.. compare.. and see who win..
lools.. dunno lahs.. maybe have forfeit.. if the losing party is generous

Money- Adviced to bring ten dollars, $10 and above..
Day: Friday, 9th Nov
Place: Hougang superbowl ( i also not sure how to go =.='')
50 Hougang Ave 1 Tampines Road (S) 538885 Tel: 6286 1333 Fax: 6286 1837

Time: 2plus to dunno when.. not confirmed.
1pm to 6pm ( $2.50) --- bowling rates.

Note: Please produce your membership card, student pass or identity card before bowling. Shoes Rental @ $1.00 per pair and Socks @ $1.50 per pair. Socks are compulsory when using house shoe.

So far, people coming ( please tell me wad i miss out... or wad extra did i put.. tag the board!)
Girls: Xinan, Liya, Me, Ching yee, Zhiling ,
High chance going :Peiying and Bernice ( pending on SL meetings) ,Leling , vanessa( if nothing on)
Watching only - Daryl

Boys: ( sighh.. they dun really confirm sia)
High chance: Malcolm ( work), Bryant and marcus and weikang ( my bowling sucks.. but seriously, who pro lehs??!!)
Watching only- Tuck heng , weikang

Thats all... the most, boys dun come.. then girl vs girl luhhss...

Will call and cfm with people on thurs.. the number is neither my hp number nor my hse number (:

02 loves ♥
1:12 AM