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Friday, November 9, 2007

Class gathering 09 nov 07

--Class Gathering 9 Nov 07--
Here are the pictures

Daryl Vs ching yee ~~ Ching yee won!!

Ching yee's pose look sexy~
0h yar.. vanessa's pose is standard chinese dancer (:

Adrian especially come and watch Leling play de.. oooo... ( LLL says his bdae.. still made pop corns... oooooo) ><.. i did nth.. ._. The boys fooling around as usual...

Girls won for bowling! (: -- evidence or score sheet with vanessa...
Total score of boy 335.. girls around 340+ i tink (:
Kaiyuan started the game with beggar... then the boys began boo-ing him, lols..

Bryant get top for boys.. er.. i tink its 90+ or more lahs

I get top for girls -- 114

-Challenged Racing car... Tuck Heng won ching yee... lools

To those people who never come: ( except TXN and bernice.. the two ps grp who choose the do homework instead of coming)
Nvm.. there is the next gathering... next want eat or cycle or wad?

02 loves ♥
9:11 PM